Game Update

  • Collectible footballs won't use building licenses anymore
  • The quests asking users to play the first 2 event adventures couldn’t be completed if the adventure was finished before the quest was active
  • Starting with the 3rd event adventure, the according quest becomes active as soon as the adventure was received from the calendar
  • All quests that are still open, even though the adventure was already played, will be completed during the next maintenance
  • If the adventure was played, before the quest arrived and after the maintenance on the 18th of June, the quest will get completed with the next maintenance on the 26th of June.
  • All players who didn’t play the adventure(s) before the maintenance on the 18th of June won’t run into this kind of problem anymore
  • The adventure quests won’t block the event quest chain progress anymore
  • Practice match re-appeared in the quest book after finishing it, but couldn’t be played (zone error)
  • Several adventures (sometimes 3 or more) were active at the same time
  • Event window button was inactive sometimes
  • Adventure loots didn’t include footballs at all
  • Pop-up “New door available” appeared in adventures


  • Updated section Building
  • Updated guide General
  • Updated section Production
  • Added information about Special Goldmine
  • Added information about New Garrison
  • Updated blocks in adventure Gunpowder
  • Added information about Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals
Updated adventure The Whirlwind

Added information about Round of 16

Added information about Final Group Stage Match

Added information about First Group Stage Match

Updated information about Championship Event