Game Update

  • Trick: Creates a sphere of darkness around the building and stops its production (also makes the building un-buffable)
  • Treat: Removes a darkness effect from a building and boosts its production
  • Zombie: Boosts the production of a workyard up to 400%
  • Mr. Myers: Boosts the recruitment speed of Barracks up to 400%
  • Frank and Stein: Adds 1000 Marble units to the marble deposit
  • Pumpkins are the event resource.
  • Pumpkin Cemetery: Fields which produce Pumpkins (event resource)
  • Buffs "Banshee's Scream" and "Werewolf's Howl": Boost the production of a Pumpkin Cemetery
  • Collectible Pumpkins: Collectible Pumpkins can appear on your home island
  • Normal, Mini and Co-op adventures, Epic Raids.
  • Village School: Speeds up the process of attracting new settlers to your village
  • Silo: Refills wheat fields over time
  • Improved Storehouse: A special storehouse that provides 3x more space for resources than a standard one
  • Fish Farm: A new production building that produces fish without the need of a deposit
  • Decorations: A couple of decoration items are available
  • Upgrade level 6 for Mill and Bakery
  • Level 1 to level 18: Rock Golem appears but cannot be fought
  • Level 19 to level 25: Rock Golem appears
  • Level 26 to level 35: Greater Golem appears
  • Level 36+ : Ancient Golem appears
  • Level 19 is required to defeat the Golem
  • A new Golem will spawn one day after the last one was defeated
  • Each Golem type can be destroyed by using a specific buff
  • The Golem buffs can be produced in the Provision House
  • Grout: Necessary to upgrade certain buildings to level 6
  • Grim Reaper General: Special general
  • Eliot, the Pumpkin Master: He will assign you several quests
  • Zombies: Animals on your home island will be replaced by zombies
  • Music: The background track will be changed during the Halloween event
  • Graphics: Several graphics will be modified, including the logo and loading screen
  • Mystery Box granting 1 random adventure (with the chance on Pumpkins in the reward)


  • Updated information about Christmas event 2014
  • Added version of attacks for adventure The Island Of The Pirates - General MMA with Cannoneers (quick attack)
  • Updated section Buildings
  • Added version of attacks for adventure Motherly Love - General MMA with Elite Soldiers (achievments)
  • Added information about siloses - level 6
  • Updated information about Christmas event 2014
Added information about Christmas event 2014

Updated blocks in adventure The Black Knights