Game Update

  • New: Exotic Wood Tree Nursery
  • New: Red tree decoration items
  • Limited offers
  • Achievements "The Granite Liaison" and "Wood Extravaganza" tool tips do not mention the Short Treasure search anymore
  • Achievement "Their Weight in Gold" tool tip does not mention the "Long" and "Very Long" Treasure search anymore
  • Achievement "Red Mountains" couldn't be completed even though the task conditions were met
  • If the resources in a loot mail were redeemed and they exceeded the storage limit, the remnants were lost
  • Builder's Boon Achievement did not unlock if a third permanent building slot was already activated
  • The "Connection Error" info box didn't always stay on top of other windows
  • Quest "Mastery" couldn't be completed as a required sub quest was not showing up
  • In some cases, the animation of walking Settlers was broken
  • Guild house level was sometimes displayed as 2 even though it was level 1
  • Quest "A suspicious person" was blocked in the quest book
  • When tearing down a Trade Office / Guild house, a wrong tool tip was displayed
  • Old Christmas and European Championship adventures could not be played as there were no free garrison landing spots


  • Updated blocks in adventure Roaring Bull and versions of atacks for quick loot
  • Added versions of attacks for adventure Roaring Bull - General 270 with Cannoneers (quick loot)
Added information about new combat system

  • Updated section Merchant
  • Updated adventure Gunpowder
  • Added information about Bakery and Mill on 6 level
  • Updated blocks in adventure Secluded Experiments
  • Added versions of attacks for adventure Secluded Experiments - General 270 with Cannoneers (achievments)
Added information about new Halloween event

  • Updated blocks in adventure Sons Of The Veld
  • Added versions of attacks for adventure Sons Of The Veld - General 270 with Soldiers (achievments)